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It takes a village.

There is no question about that. It is hard to change your life and even harder to do it alone!

We all need a little extra support and that is exactly what my private community of people is!

We come together and hold each other up on bad days,

cheer each other on with victories,

Blue and White Simple List Mind

We don't let each other quit!

Blue and White Simple List Mind

we post recipes, we tell jokes, we learn and we live! The culture and family I found when I joined the 1st Phorm team is second to none as well! The main goal of 1st Phorm is   to help as many people change their lives as possible. I fully embrace the feelings I get when I walk into headquarters. A rush of love, work ethic, raw honesty and truth. The people of 1st Phorm have become my extended family. It is more than a company. It is more than products. It is people that care to help everyone find and live up to their truest potential, including you!

Checkout My Full Journey Here!

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