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NH November newsletter (700 × 1280 px)_edited.png
NH November newsletter (700 × 1280 px)_edited.png

Weekly habits & tracker

Here we go!!!!!

Save the image and let’s get to work!!!

There will be a new weekly habit board posted every Monday! Simply save the image and fill it out on your phone OR print it off and hand write each day!

The daily tasks are in the bottom corner and the number of lines matches the number of daily tasks!

Every Sunday we will upload our filled out checklists alongside a screenshot of our week in review (found on the dashboard of the 1st Phorm App) to give ourselves a true snapshot of how we’re doing each week!

People that participate in these will be entered for some fun prizes each week as well but more than that, will be showing themselves how much they have learned and improved along the way!

Get the 1st Phorm App downloaded today (Advisor name during download: Https:// get your pics taken for the challenge and get your board saved/printed!

Let’s do the damn thing y’all

Let myself, McKinzie Bunning, Jamie Ludwigson or Jenna Juanarena know of any questions!

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