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What you're overlooking when reaching your fitness goals


Just laying down in bed for a while, tossing and turning, is NOT quality sleep!!

Going to bed later and always sleeping later is NOT quality sleep!

Sleep is when your body does most of it's recovery, rebuilding, resetting and 'self cleaning'...

Without quality sleep, you will most certainly struggle a hell of a lot more with reaching your goals!!

DID YOU KNOW: That most of the fat you expel from your body leaves via your breath while you're sleeping?!

DID YOU KNOW: When you don't get quality sleep often, your cortisol (stress) will stay much higher which can often lead to excess body fat storage an gain?

DID YOU KNOW: When you get poor quality sleep, you are more than likely to struggle with excess cravings for junk food and processed sugars?

We dug into so much on our call Thursday night! The in's and out's of quality sleep, how it can help progress when you get it, how it can hurt progress when you don't as well as some sleep hygiene tips to help you set yourself up for tons more success!! Sign up for future calls here

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