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No More Hand-Holding

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Resilient 1:1



Exclusive 1:1 Coaching

Valid for 12 weeks

30 Minute initial Consultation

20 Minute standing weekly meeting with assessment review

Not for daily accountability, or hand-holding

Priority messaging with me


I cannot recommend 1st Phorm everything enough: the 1st Phorm App, 1st Phorm Supplements - magnesium!!!, 1st Phorm Proteins, 1st Phorm clothing, and my badass 1st Phorm Advisor aka “coach” Nikki Harris!!! 

Wow! Andy Frisella and his incredible team have 100% changed my life. After 38 years of thinking I was eating “the right, healthy things” I FINALLY learned I was NOT! I was able to lose 10lbs in just 8 weeks, but that is the thing I’m impressed with the least. Nikki has went above and beyond to teach me soooo many things that I cannot begin to list them all, but I now know about my body and how it uses proteins carbs fats and so much more to operate on the daily. I have never in my life felt this good, not even when I was doing 75Hard. I look back now and think how much more I would have crushed it knowing what I know now. Best part about this is they don’t try to sell you some quick fix magical pill, no, instead they give you the tools and knowledge to go out and do the work. Because let’s face it if it were easy we’d all be fit and healthy. And I cannot stress this enough, this is NOT a diet this IS a lifestyle!! If you want to change your life and feel better than ever before join then 1st Phorm Sponsored Trainer  Nikki!  What I love about 1st Phorm trainers is they’re actually ppl who talk the talk but also walk the walk  Nikki believed in me when I didn’t. She was confident she’d get me to reach my goals and she not only did that but has taught me to love the girl in the mirror and for that I’ll always be grateful!

-Jodi Zepeda

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