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Resilient 1-on-1 coaching

what's included for $800/12 weeks

This option is for someone experienced with working out and controlling nutrition. This is the program where I tell you exactly what to do, what to change, and how to execute, and I expect that you will be capable of following through. I always provide education and resources for everything I suggest, make myself available throughout your 12-week coaching session for priority texting, and we’ll have a weekly 1:1 call where we can make any adjustments to your plan as needed. We will work on everything specific to you and your goals, whether that be physique, gut health, energy balance, healthy lifestyle balance, food relationships, or any other facets of you that you want to improve on. 

+ 12 weeks 

+weekly 1:1 call with Nikki 

+priority texting with Nikki

+goal specific coaching and guidance

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